Buksan Filipino flashcards

Helping your child learn and love Filipino!

Helping your child learn and love Filipino!

why buksan?

Why Buksan?

  • Easy way to start learning Filipino at home.

  • Simple design your child will love.

  • Complete collection of flashcards your child needs.

Filipino flashcards

Buksan Filipino Flashcards

Our flashcards will:

  • Help your child learn Filipino words and phrases.

  • Develop a love for the Filipino language.

  • Assist you in teaching Filipino at home.

filipino workbooks

Buksan Filipino Workbooks

  • Helps your child learn Filipino sentences.

  • Color, draw, and practice writing.

  • Perfect companion to our Filipino flashcards.


How do I order?

You may order through our Order Form, Lazada, or Shopee.

How much?

Each set of flashcards costs 539 pesos. Each workbook costs 639 pesos.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide through DHL.

ABOUT THE buksan team

Buksan Team

Thank you for visiting our website! We are a team of two educators who are based in Quezon City, Philippines. We want to help your child learn and love Filipino!

Contact us

Contact Us

You may send your questions and feedback to our e-mail address: buksan@buksan.ph.

For news and updates, please follow our social media pages: instagram.com/buksanph and facebook.com/buksanph.